Claims Process

How do I lodge a claim? 
  1. Go to your Freighty Dashboard
  2. Locate the Order ID
  3. Click Make a Claim 

Freighty will then ask you if the claim is for: 

Lost in transit (tracking number will be required)

Damaged in transit (images and description of damage will be required). 

How do I monitor the progress of my claim? 

You can check the progress of your claim in the Freighty Dashboard on the Claims screen. Next to your Order Number you will see one of the following under Claim Status:

Claim Status
What does it mean?
Your claim has been successfully submitted to Freighty
Immediately if claim is an eligible claim
In Review
Your claim is being reviewed by Freighty
Within 24 hours
Detail Required
Freighty requires more information on the damage to an item. Click Review Claim to see what is required and provide the requested information.
Within 24 hours
Your claim has been approved by Freighty. You can click “Provide Payout Details” next to the claim or order to set your bank details or view the claim results.
Within 3 days
Partially Approved
Your claim has been partially approved by Freighty. This means that some line items in the claim were rejected while others approved. You can click “Provide Payout Details” next to the claim or order to set your bank details or view the claim results.
Within 3 days
Your claim has been rejected by Freighty. You can click through to see the justification of the claim result. <insert escalation reference here>
Within 3 days
When will I receive acknowledgement that I’ve lodged a claim? 

If the claim is eligible, Freighty will immediately acknowledge the claim in the Freighty Dashboard on your Claim screen and provide you with a claim reference number. You will see “Submitted” next to your Order No and will also find your claim under “Open Claims”.

What orders will not be eligible for claiming?

Lost in transit claims

You will not be able to lodge a claim on an order if you cannot provide a valid tracking number. 

A valid tracking number is defined as:

  • a correctly formatted tracking number that relates to an order that is currently in transit and
  • has not had any tracking events assigned to it within the past 3 hours (an event which is logged by the courier service or its 3rd party services) and 
  • has not been marked as delivered by the courier service.

You will not be able to lodge a claim if the valid tracking number indicates that: 

  • the order is still in transit or has been delivered
  • there was a prior damage in transit claim on the same item.

Damaged in transit claims 

Images showing damage to items and description of damage to items will be reviewed by Freighty within 24 hours and a determination made and notified via your Freighty Claims dashboard. Damaged item claims will be rejected where the images uploaded do not meet the description of damage or description of item, or where insufficient information is provided regarding the damage. You will be provided with two opportunities to resubmit this information after which time your claim will be rejected. 

How quickly will my claim be approved if it is an eligible claim? 

You will hear back from Freighty within 24 hours each time Freighty requires further information and if your claim is rejected. It will change to Detail Required and then Rejected next to your Order No. 

If you have submitted an eligible claim you will receive notification from Freighty that your claim has been approved within 24 hours of submitting your claim. This will be via your Freighty dashboard on your Claims screen. It will change to Approved next to your Order No.   

When will my claim be paid? 

In the event that your claim is approved, the claim will be paid to your nominated bank account within 7 working days of supplying your bank details.  If you have not nominated a bank account you will be prompted to do so by clicking “Provide Payout Details” next to the claim or order in the Freighty Dashboard.

Who's providing the claims process?

What should you do if you have a complaint?

We take the concerns of our customers very seriously and have detailed complaints handling and internal dispute resolution procedures that you can access. If you have any complaint about the service provided to you in relation to the insurance, in the first instance please contact Freighty via the chat feature within the Freighty Dashboard (please do not contact via email as this makes it difficult to process your complaints).

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint. 

If you are still not satisfied, please contact the Complaints Officer at BMS Risk Solutions Pty Ltd, via the contact details at the beginning of our Financial Services Guide. 

If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, you have the right to refer the matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), subject to its rules.

AFCA is an independent external dispute resolution scheme approved by ASIC. AFCA provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers. You may contact AFCA at:

GPO Box 3

Melbourne VIC 3001

T: 1800 931 678 (free call)

F: +61 3 9613 6399



Time limits may apply to complain to AFCA so you should act promptly or otherwise consult the AFCA website to find out if or when the time limit relevant to your circumstances expires.