Better shipping insurance for ecommerce stores

Freighty insures every order automatically for ecommerce merchants*. Quick approvals. Quick payouts.

Underwitten by
We fully reimburse the cost of the goods plus shipping.
Claim in minutes, not hours, days or months.
Completely automated, online and really fast.

Integrated with your favourite platform

Experience automated, hassle-free shipping insurance in seconds with Freighty.

Lost and damaged goods hurts your business growth.
We get it.

What many merchants like you are experiencing

- Lost revenue

- Frustrated customers

- Difficulty managing shipping issues

- Frustrating forms and slow claims processes

Meet Freighty

That's why we're here as a cost-effective and simple solution for ecommerce stores

Insure every order automatically in seconds

Freighty automatically insures each and every order*. If an order is lost or damaged in transit, you get the value of the item plus shipping reimbursed.

Delightful experience and happy customers

Our customer support workflow makes it quick and easy for customers to lodge a claim for lost or damaged items.

Quick and simple install

Instant signup, quick approvals and straightforward pricing means you’ll be up and running in just a few clicks.

How it works

Using our platform is easy!

Install. Setup. Turn on.

Install the Freighty service on your shop. Top up your account. It just takes a few clicks!

You’re covered! Create claims in seconds.

No difficult or slow manual processes for claims. All online in just a few clicks. Once Freighty is installed and your account topped up, you’re covered.

Claim approval in minutes, payouts within 48 hours

Once your claim is approved*, you’re paid out fast. It’s that simple.


Frequently asked questions

When will my ecommerce platform be available?
What happens when I want to make a claim?